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From the outset of the project, the DLK team became key resources, and made significant contributions to the success of the project. Over time, the initial engagement grew from Applications Architecture planning and preparation, to implementation and management. DLK became an integral part of the project well past implementation and go-live. 
The team, consisting of SAP Project Managers, Analysts, Business Analysts, Functional Analysts and Developers currently manage, support and evolve the system on-site.

Project Ukutinga - SAP Implementation Partnership with Accenture

Accenture engaged DLK as a partner to implement the City of Cape Town's first SAP implementation.

DLK has built a trusted partner relationship with the ERP Solution Support unit, over many years.  We continue to deliver a managed service in planning, implementing and managing the City's SAP environment.  As the environment evolves and expands, DLK has played a key role in providing skills and thought leadership.  We have built a highly skilled team who are deployed on-site, and work alongside the client.

SAP Management for the City of Cape Town

The City of Cape Town partners with DLK to maintain, support and evolve their SAP platform.

DLK delivered the following:

- Documents Project Charter
- Project Initiation Document
- Record of Decisions for HR
- SAP Office Document
- DVM Handbook
- Blueprint
- Finance
- Cut Over Plan and Closure Report
- System deletion for HR

City of Cape Town: Data Volume Management (IS & T)

DLK delivered a Data Volume Management Solution for the City of Cape Town.

The following was delivered:
- Phase 1: Planning stage was successfully delivered
- Phase 2: Blueprint has been completed
- The software Build is currently in progress

City of Cape Town: Events Management System

DLK delivered an electronic events support, application and management system to the City of Cape Town.

The following was delivered:

- Ability to register and transact on the City's eServices Portal as well as cleaning up the workflows
- The functionality built enabled the Deeds office to significantly reduce the time it took to issue rates clearance certificates.
- SAP ERP was utilised as a platform, thereby integrating this service into the suite of other services the City of Cape Town runs on SAP.

City of Cape Town: Rates Clearance Enhancement Project

DLK delivered a solution to improve the speed of processing for the City of Cape Town's Rates Clearance system.

DLK delivered the following:

- a Change management strategy and plan
- a Communications plan for internal and external stakeholders throughout the possible transfer or amendment of service offering.
- Facilitated understanding of the political implications of the shift/transfer of a particular service.
- Feasible next steps including required intergovernmental relations and labour negotiations among other issues as part of the communication plan.
- Change and communication toolkits to be used by City resources

Change and Communication Management

DLK delivered a Change and Communications Strategy, Plan and Toolkit to support the City's "unfunded" mandates process.

DLK Provided ICT Consulting Services including:

- Building a “To-Be” Business Requirements Specification for the proposed Central Regulatory System.
- Engaging and collaborating with key stakeholders to build the proposed specification.
- Recommended a process-centric business process model
- Providing a detailed Functional and Non-functional Specification, and a high level System Specification, including Key Performance Indicators.
- Provided a comparative analysis of potential fit-for-purpose systems currently available.
- Built a roadmap for procurement, implementation and adoption of the new system

Business Requirement Specification for a Central Regulatory System

DLK provided a Business Requirements Specification and Functional and Non-Functional
Requirements for the proposed system.

DLK delivered the following:
- Developed an architecture roadmap to help achieve target state architecture
- Review organisational scope - responsibility and authority of EA
- Assess current and determine target EA capability level
- Identify and engage EA capability stakeholders
- Conduct stakeholder interviews

Enterprise Architecture services across SEDA's four business domains

DLK developed an architecture roadmap to help achieve state architecture.

The mobile application met the Western Cape Government's needs with a key focus on "Citizen Centricity". Thus striving to meet citizen's needs effectively, affordably and timeously. Some of the App functions include:

- Access to communication with WCG departments
- Accessing housing services and database
- News and events
- Permit and job applications
- Information and Frequently Asked Questions
- Queries
- Reporting of criminal activity
- Locating public facilities such as hospitals and libraries

Western Cape Government: Provincial Public Service App

DLK delivered a mobile Public Service application to the Western Cape Government.

DLK delivered the following:
Business Process Modeling Training
- Introduction to Business Process Mapping
- Meta-model Concepts
- Enterprise Business Architecture
- Advanced EA Modeling Concepts
- Advanced Activity Modeling in the EA Tool LEAN Management training

LEAN Management Training: Practical and Theory
- Introduction to Value Steam Mapping
- 5S Introduction
- Value Steam Mapping
- Introduction to 7 type waste in service
- Standardise work
- Practical Lean Concept (Practical Games)

Business Process Modeling and LEAN Management Training

DLK delivered Business Process Modeling and LEAN Management training to the Eastern Cape Office of the Premier over 36 months.

DLK  developed and installed an RFID asset management system for the museum to track and secure their heritage assets.  We supplied RFID tags of various sizes and materials to be affixed to the Heritage Assets.  We provided people to help affix the RFID tags onto the their assets and provided staff with training on how to use the RFID system. DLK provided maintenance and system support on the RFID system for 1 year following the completion of training and installation.

Supply and Implementation of a RFID Asset Management System for Robben Island Museum

DLK was engaged to develop and implement an RFID asset tracking system for the Robben Island Museum. We provided the museum with a solution to manage and secure their heritage assets.

DLK deployed a team comprising 2 Solution Specialists, 2 Technical Operators, a Technical Manager, a Project Manager and a Project Administrator.
The team used automated diagnostic tools to generate reports on usage and response times.  These reports were analysed for abnormalities and patterns.
DLK provided a comprehensive report, and clear remedial action plans for improving system performance.

IT Infrastructure and Architecture Review for Provincial Hospitals

The KZN Department of Health commissioned DLK to conduct IT infrastructure diagnostics for their Provincial Hospitals.

Under the auspices of the Enterprise Architecture Project, DLK also delivered services in the following domains:  Solutions Architecture, Data Architecture, Technology Architecture, Applications Architecture and Business Architecture).

The solution included:
-  Developing a coherent enterprise view across all the architecture domains and how the different enterprise architect domains impact each other.
- Develop / facilitate architecture design authority across all the architecture domains and work closely with the various architecture domain owners in crafting, designing and evaluating solutions designs. 
- Provide input into the organisation ICT and implementation plans.
- Provide input to the organisation ICT Medium Term Expenditure Committee for budgeting next 3 years.
- Responsible for understanding the organisations strategy and shaping the enterprise architecture to support the strategy and aligning the various domain architectures to achieve the strategic intent.

Provision of Enterprise Architecture Services

DLK consulted to the Western Cape Provincial Government to provide Strategic Enterprise Architecture Services over a 32-month period.

DLK Group provided Change management services that was significant in facilitating the change management process and thus aiding in the successful completion of the project. 

The team played a crucial role in:
Establishing the Change Management Strategy and Schedule. 
Performing Stakeholder Analysis
Creating the Stakeholder Matrix, List, and Impact Analysis Reports
Managing stakeholder engagement and communications
Implementing an effective Change Management Programme Plan
Providing the Closeout Report

Change Management Professional Services

Change Management Consulting Services were delivered within several departments of the City of Cape Town.

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