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Data Literacy Content Development for the City of Cape Town

Data Literacy Content Development for the City of Cape Town

CCT envisioned a world where its workforce seamlessly navigated the vast seas of data, making evidence-based decisions to better serve the community. The need of the hour was an engaging, customised, and actionable data literacy training module tailored to the CCT context and resonating with the South African Municipal setting.


While the project was a success, it's essential to reflect on lessons learned and opportunities for growth. DLK identified strategies to mitigate risks and overcome challenges, enhancing the team's capabilities for future endeavors. The experience gained from this project positions DLK to pursue new avenues for innovation and continuous improvement in ICT managed services.

1. Value of Precision Planning: This project underscored DLK's belief in the power of meticulous planning, especially when collaborations involve a delicate balance between subject matter experts and creative professionals.

2. Embracing Challenges: While the project had its set of challenges, like the sequential dependencies and resource constraints, DLK’s agility and adaptability ensured quality was never compromised.

3. The Road Ahead: DLK identified several areas of growth and optimization. Embracing integrated eLearning platforms, ensuring open collaboration through transparent access to resources, and acknowledging the need for longer preparation phases in such complex projects are a few

4. Partnering for Success: The DLK-CCT collaboration stands as a testament to DLK's commitment to deliver not just a product but a transformative experience. The journey emphasised the importance of partnership, understanding, and innovation in achieving collective goals.

Through this initiative, DLK didn't just craft a training solution for CCT. They paved the way for a more enlightened, data-driven future for organisations willing to evolve and adapt.

View the case study of this project below:
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