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Year-end message from Leon Hendricks - reflections on 2020, and optimism for the year ahead.

Updated: Sep 8, 2022

As we close out the year and prepare to say goodbye to 2020, I’m reminded again of just how much has changed for so many of us this year. Starting with the initial shock of COVID-19 hitting us in March and then having to adapt accordingly, some being impacted harder and faster than others. All of us sailing together on the same stormy seas but in different boats.

Our milestone of celebrating 20 years in business in South Africa has been vastly different than the one we imagined or planned for. It just goes to show how uncertain life can be, especially when we least expect it. Each of us have no doubt had our own reflections, revelations and lessons we have learnt through this experience, challenging for most I imagine, although indiscriminate and harsh “adversity” can be one of our best teachers.

As I reflect, I’m profoundly grateful and humbled by how resilient DLK Group has been throughout this tumultuous economic wave, and how our business model and relationships have held up.

This makes me stand in awe to pay tribute to the incredibly brave, dedicated people we work with, a huge thanks to all our Principals, our Staff, our Clients, and strategic partners. Our entire inter-dependent ecosystem has come together, more especially during this time, to collaborate and support each other as we navigate this rocky road.

In the final analysis, what stands out for me is how family relationships have flourished during this time, how we have learned to slow down a little (or even a lot) becoming more present, more grateful for small blessings and content with less than we might have been before. We have much to be thankful for; good health, a paying job, supportive family and work colleagues, and awesome customers.

Wherever you choose to end the year off, a stay-cation or vacation, I wish you and your families a Blessed Christmas Season filled with love and laughter. And as we look ahead to 2021 with cautious optimism, I wish you a year filled with hope and much prosperity.

Leon Hendricks

Managing Director

DLK Group


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