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Meet our Head of Operations: Nesa Gabriels

Updated: Aug 22, 2023

If it is true that dynamite does come in small packages, then we are proud to introduce the dynamic, vivacious, determined, and yet petite lady who is the newest member of our team. Meet Nesa Gabriels.

Nesa's aptitude for recruiting has allowed her to locate and entice top talent to her employers, and her management abilities have allowed her to successfully lead and inspire her team to success.

Nesa Gabriels is an accomplished recruitment expert with a successful track record. She has amassed a broad skill set over the course of her many years in business and retail.

Nesa's educational experience at Damelin, where she honed her skills and built a solid foundation in human resources, marked the beginning of her professional journey. Since then, she has worked for a number of prestigious businesses, greatly contributing to their success.

Nesa's aptitude for recruiting has allowed her to locate and entice top talent; and she leads her team with utmost professionalism and remarkable competence, whilst building and maintaining meaningful/solid relationships at levels of engagements

Overall, she is a skilled human resources specialist with extensive expertise within different industries predominantly retail. At DLK Group we know we will benefit from her commitment to excellence and her devotion to her work.

Warm Welcome DLK Group, It's an Honour to have you onboard.


You can connect with Nesa on Linked In as she is always looking to connect with ICT professionals.

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