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Empowering Women in ICT: Insights from a Marketing Professional's Journey

Hi, I'm Sue and I am a Marketing professional in the ICT field. Started my journey with DLK over 2 years ago and I find myself in an industry that challenges, inspires and evokes a certain curiosity on a weekly basis. Welcome to my insights and experience as a marketer.

My Marketing journey started almost 2 decades ago. It's been a minute. That's for sure.

But on my path, I have encountered some interesting challenges, it's never fun when you are in the eye of the storm, but essentially you get through it.

At DLK Group, I noticed something different, the ratio of women working at the firm is higher than in most companies I have worked at. Over 70% of the employees are women! I do believe that to make it in this industry, it is detrimental that the leadership has a growth mindset, and one of continuous understanding. Our CEO is well known Mover and Shaker in ICT - Leon Hendricks and his wife Kim Hendricks always encourage us to be the best we can be and thrive as individuals. Leon will encourage me with one of his favourite words: Resilience, and that is what I can say build one's character in this field of ICT.

Scroll down for my nuggets of advice.

5 tips for empowering yourself in ICT, no matter which department you work in.

Tip 1: Continuous Learning and Adaptation:

Sue's Lesson: Adaptability is key in a constantly changing environment.

The ICT field is rapidly evolving, and staying up-to-date with the latest technologies and trends is essential. Especially in marketing. Embrace a mindset of continuous learning, whether it's through online courses, workshops, or industry events. I fondly remember only working in the WordPress CMS, once I came to the DLK group, I was simply told 'We don't do WordPress" Uhm, Wait? What? It was up to me to step into the unknown and try a different CMS. Now my expertise has expanded with my Wix knowledge. Never be afraid to learn something new, you will surprise yourself at times.

Tip 2: Networking and Collaboration:

Sue's Lesson: Collaboration often leads to innovative solutions

Building a strong professional network can open doors to opportunities, collaborations, and knowledge sharing. For example, I found myself in this space via my lecturer at CPUT, and one of his co-workers. I took the chance, and almost 3 years later, I'm still loving it. Be open to attending conferences, seminars, and meetups to connect with peers, mentors, and experts. Collaboration often leads to innovative solutions and broader perspectives. Just give it a try ladies!

Tip 3: Problem-Solving Skills:

Sue's Lesson: Ask for help, Don't hesitate to seek help from colleagues when needed.

ICT professionals often encounter complex challenges. Cultivate your problem-solving skills by approaching issues methodically. Even better, sleep on it. If you feel overwhelmed, take some time to rest and recharge, you will be surprised when the idea comes to you. Also, Ask for help, and assume nothing! (A lesson from Tania Davids in our DLK Journey video series) Break down problems into smaller components, analyze each part, and develop effective solutions.

Tip 4: Effective Communication:

Sue's Lesson: Communication is key, no one will know if you don't inform them

Strong communication skills are essential for conveying technical concepts to non-technical stakeholders, team members, and clients. I have come across many leaders who find this so challenging. So I have decided to take it upon myself and overcommunicate rather than under-communicate. You need to Develop the ability to explain complex ideas in simple terms, fostering better understanding and cooperation across departments. This comes with time in the industry.

Progress requires setbacks; the only sure way to avoid failure is not to try. Mentally strong people overcome setbacks with confidence because adversity only makes them better.

Turn your mess into a message of perseverance

Tip 5: Resilience and Perseverance:

Sue's Lesson: Just hold on, don't give up. Push through the hard times

The ICT field can be demanding, with projects that may encounter setbacks or require long hours, at times our favourite word 'scope creep' come to play, it can be draining. These challenges can upset you and deter you from wanting to push through the hard times, but sometimes you have to put on that big girl lace panties and say 'Just a setback, time to push through' Developing resilience and perseverance is all starts with your mind. It is crucial to overcoming obstacles and achieving your goals. Turn your mess into a message of perseverance. Become mentally strong by learning from failures, maintaining a positive attitude, and celebrating your successes along the way. Always Fail forward.

I hope these tips provide valuable insights to you, and I am routing for your success ladies!

Written by Sue Levy Marketing Manager - DLK Group



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