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DLK embracing innovation in technology

Instilling Excellence in Innovative Technology

Part of our DLK vision of excellence is adopting innovative technologies that will shape the future of the ICT sector. Below is a brief overview of how we adopted innovative technology to reach our vision of excellence.

ChatGPT on a laptop screen
Embracing the AI revolution

Artificial Intelligence technologies

At DLK, we have realised the vast potential that AI tools have for increasing our efficiency and improving our informed decision-making processes.

ChatGPT and hiring EZ AI tools have vastly reduced tedious tasks in our Marketing and HR departments. Our HR team has reported that hireEZ has improved their sourcing capacity and the onboarding process is more streamlined. The Marketing team has reported that ChatGPT is an excellent aid in market research.

Cyber Security

With the rise of more complex and harmful cyber threats, DLK has made cyber security one of its core priorities. We remain constantly vigilant of new cyberattacks on the rise and respond swiftly to these threats. Consequently, we ensure compliance with the POPI Act by protecting our clients' information and acquiring permission for the collection of users' information.

A person inserting code.
Invest in Cyber Security

Industry Cloud Solutions

DLK has found that there is a rise in the development of industry-specific cloud solutions, and we have formed a partnership with Oracle to embrace the demand for this technology.

Check out our partner page and find out what industry cloud solutions Oracle provides and the support we at DLK can provide you.

Here are a few tips to help you navigate the landscape of innovative technology:

  • Utilize cloud solutions to protect important data from getting lost during load-shedding.

  • Adopt zero trust architecture when implementing an IT security system.

  • Uncover how businesses are using AI in your industry so that you can gain a competitive edge.

  • Always update your systems to ensure that you are protected from cyber-attacks.

Follow our DLK case studies to discover our innovation and agile mindset in action. We also have amazing job opportunities, if you are interested in being part of an agile environment with innovative technology.

Written By: Ashwin Brucker



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