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Beating the January Slump: Returning to work after vacation

Overcoming the post-holiday blues.

As we come to the end of Janu-worry and approach the month of love, we all know it's been a month filled with both anxiety and excitement. Furthermore, here at DLK, we know how difficult it can be to jump back into the work routine after a well-deserved relaxing break. This article will provide you with a few easy-to-use proven tips to get back into your work groove.

A child with building blocks
Tackling tasks one block at a time

Taking on life one block at a time.

In James Clear’s book “Atomic Habits”, he mentions that one of the easiest ways to start creating a habit is to simply just start. Clear mentions that the best way to begin a challenging task is only to do it for the first 2 minutes to build momentum for that habit.

Mel Robbins covers a similar principle in her book as well. However, she mentions that the best way to overcome any task you are procrastinating is to countdown from 5…4…3…2…1 and immediately begin your task.

Some experts reveal that to build momentum to clear a challenging task it is best to start working intensely for the first 15 seconds of the task to continue building momentum for the task.

The underlying principle for each method is to start a large, difficult, or overwhelming task with small baby steps and eventually, you will start building momentum to continue doing those tasks if you are stuck in a rut.

A person in a meditation pose.
Mindful Meditation

Mindfulness and meditation.

An alternative perspective to moving past the January slump is the practice of mindfulness and meditation. The performance of mindfulness involves observing your thoughts, feelings, and behaviour in a non-judgemental and accepting manner. An example of this is walking on your way home and slowly observing your breath as you walk and how your legs are moving step by step.

The practice of meditation is wide and varied. One typical method of meditation is sitting in a comfortable position in a chair, while your eyes are closed and taking slow deep breaths. While in this position you want to observe your breath and simply observe any intrusive thoughts that distract you.

The ideology behind these practices is to place you within a state of awareness and living within the present moment. When people often think about the future they are filled with anxiety and when they think about the past they are filled with depression. However, the present moment fills them with possibilities and action.


These tips are great to get you started in your working routine and generate momentum for the year. These tips not only help you overcome Janu-worry, but they are also effective in helping with productivity and improving your mental well-being.

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Written By: Ashwin Bruckner (Intern)


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