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ICT laboratory in Mannenberg & Khayelitsha Launched

SHAWCO engaged DLK Group, through the Dell Foundation to provide professional IT support and system monitoring for their Manenburg and Khayelitsha solar-powered ICT labs. These labs provide access to ICT services for children in these underserved communities.

Mannenberg & Khayelitsha ICT laboratories have signed a two-year E-Support monitoring system with DLK Group contract ensuring that both laboratories will have professional IT support with 24×7 monitoring of the environment thus improving the uptime of the IT environment. DLK Group will be able to identify any problematic devices and automatically put proactive remedial steps in place, DLK Group has provided comprehensive training on the E-Support system to both ICT laboratories and empowering the IT administrators to make informed decisions about hardware and understanding their software risks.
The ICT laboratories at SHAWCO will be accessible to the local small businesses and school students in the surrounding communities to provide basic internet services, software programs, and social media platforms to ensure growth in enterprise development and education, reaching approximately 600 people. Computer literacy training will be offered to adults to boost skills to increase their opportunities for higher education and for entering the job market. Participants of the SHAWCO education projects will also have daily access to the laboratories to do their projects and homework.

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