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Friends of Valkenburg Trust Clothing Drive 2023

The DLK Group team paid a visit to Valkenburg as part of their continuous commitment to supporting Mental Health Initiatives in 2023. A clothing drive was held in order to provide support to the Friends of Valkenburg Trust.

At DLK, we believe that giving back to the community is not just a responsibility; it's an opportunity to make a positive impact. We are proud to share our recent corporate social responsibility (CSR) project, where we hosted a clothing drive with the primary aim of giving warmth and comfort to those in need. Our mission took us to the Friends of Valkenburg Trust, an organization close to our hearts, dedicated to improving the lives of individuals with mental challenges.

The Friends of Valkenburg Trust is a beacon of hope for countless individuals living with mental challenges. Their commitment to providing support to Valkenburg, coupled with their dedication to personal growth and development, aligns perfectly with our own values at DLK. They strive to foster a sense of belonging, purpose, and empowerment, and it is their unwavering commitment to this cause that has earned our admiration.

DLK's CSR team embarked on an inspiring journey to host a clothing drive that would fill both hearts and closets. The initiative aimed to collect gently used and new clothing items from our generous employees, partners, and friends. The response was overwhelming, as we witnessed the power of collective kindness and empathy. As the culmination of our clothing drive, the DLK team had the privilege of visiting Valkenburg to personally deliver the donated clothes. This visit not only allowed us to make a tangible impact but also to gain deeper insights into the remarkable work carried out by Friends of Valkenburg Trust.

DLK's Corporate Social Responsibility Clothing Drive is a testament to our commitment to giving back to the community and creating a positive impact on the lives of those in need. Our partnership with Friends of Valkenburg Trust has been a source of inspiration, and we look forward to continuing our journey with them, hand-in-hand, in the pursuit of a brighter, more compassionate world

View our short video about the DLK Group Team visiting Friends of Valkenburg Trust:

Show your support to the Friends of Valkenburg Trust:

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