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Holy Cross Primary School, Woodstock

DLK Group donated 20 computers and set up a computer room for Holy Cross Primary School in Woodstock. As a past pupil of the school, Leon Hendricks responded to a call for assistance from the then Principal, Sister Mary Quimpo.

Holy Cross School was known as Holy Cross Mission in when it was founded as the first Coloured school in the Cape. The school opened on the 24th January 1910 after four sisters set out from the Transkei to start a coloured mission here in Cape Town.
Sister Mary Quimpo (then principal) had been writing letters to companies for years requesting donations for a computer room for her school. When Leon Hendricks, CEO of DLK Group and a past pupil of Holy Cross Primary heard of Sister Mary Quimpo’s plight he decided that he would help by donating computers to the school. He also assisted by providing training on various computers programs (e.g. Word and Excel) to the teachers – this would help them help the pupils and also be very helpful for preparing lessons.
Leon has a passion for the education and upliftment of underprivileged children so this was a wonderful way for a past pupil to give back to the community that helped educate him.

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