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Application Development

Unleash the full potential of your software needs with our visionary software development services.

Enterprise Software Solutions

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Designing and implementing comprehensive software systems that streamline internal processes, automate workflows, and enhance collaboration across departments.

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Data Analytics and Business Intelligence

Implementing software solutions that collect, analyse, and visualize data, enabling businesses to derive insights, make informed decisions, and drive strategic growth.

Looking for a career in Applications Development?

Check out our careers page for exciting opportunities in applications and software related fields. 


Hear firsthand from satisfied clients as they share their experiences and the positive outcomes achieved by partnering with us. From successful project completions to streamlined processes and improved efficiencies, these real-world examples demonstrate the value we bring to organizations of all sizes and industries. Explore our client reviews and case studies to see how we can drive success for your next project.

Case Studies

Project Management Case Study

Brief Intro


Project Management Case Study

Brief Intro



"DLK Group delivered and provided support which helped us successfully undertake the complex task of developing change management requirements and to progress with these requirements."

- Daniel Sullivan, Manager: Strategic Policy Branch, Corporate Services, City of Cape Town

"DLK Group fully satisfied our requirements and often exceeded expectations. The resources were professional, pleasant and both provided invaluable contributions to delivery of the scope but also going above and beyond specifically as it relates the training a large number of persons to use a system-based repository under very tight deadlines."

- Maureen Whare, Manager: Contract Management Unit, City of Cape Town

"We endorse DLK Group as a progressive company. They have met our expectations in terms of deliverables for all projects undertaken with us."

- Deon Halls, Acting VP, College of Cape Town

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